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Best jerusalem souvenirs

Jerusalem is often called “the city of 3 religions”, which are of course Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is also the capital of Israel and its largest city. Millions of tourists flourish the streets and alleys of Jerusalem, touring the

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Best souvenirs from the holyland

As a tourist, plenty of issues seem to be so difficult and unknown. What seems simple to locals can be hard as hell for the first time visitor. We should all admit that about half of any tourist’s trip is

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Cool Israel souvenirs

Souvenirs area almost a must to have present that any tourist is expected to bring back home after a trip. Israel is considered by many as a unique country, where old and modern mix together and while anything seems so

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Holyland Gifts from israel

There is no need to explain why coming back home with a gift from a trip is important, but yet it’s important to admit that if you’ve visited the holy land and didn’t bring any gift, it’s totally a shame.

The reason is simple – there is such a variety of gift ideas, that you simply can’t have an excuse for not bring back any.

In this post I will not give you specific ideas for a gift, but instead I’ll give ideas of places where you could find inspiration and choose a good one.


Old Jerusalem Market

The market of the old Jerusalem is the first place I would be looking for gifts, and there you will always find the best souvenirs from the holy land.

Travelling through the market, you will find all kinds of costumes, music instruments, religious items, and even just simply shirts with various texts.

By the way, the city also offer all kinds of unique eastern spices, which is another good and useful idea for a gift.


Souvenir Shops

Souvenir shops are another source for Israel gift ideas, as that’s exactly what they’re designed for.

Unlike other countries, souvenirs shops in Israel aren’t overly expensive, and can be a useful source for gifts.

And even if you don’t buy, they might give you some inspiration.


Churches, Mosques and Synagogues

Religious sites, especially those in toured parts of the country, often offer to sell visitors various religious items.

If you want to get a gift related to any of the religions, then looking for it there will be a good point.


Tel-Aviv Beach

Another area where plenty of tourists tend to be around is the beach of Tel-Aviv, which is full of hotels and hostels for visitors.

Tel-Aviv offers a completely different type of souvenirs and gifts – less religious and more connected to the fun vibe that Tel-Aviv offers.