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Best jerusalem souvenirs

Jerusalem is often called “the city of 3 religions”, which are of course Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is also the capital of Israel and its largest city. Millions of tourists flourish the streets and alleys of Jerusalem, touring the

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Best souvenirs from the holyland

As a tourist, plenty of issues seem to be so difficult and unknown. What seems simple to locals can be hard as hell for the first time visitor. We should all admit that about half of any tourist’s trip is

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Cool Israel souvenirs

Souvenirs area almost a must to have present that any tourist is expected to bring back home after a trip. Israel is considered by many as a unique country, where old and modern mix together and while anything seems so

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Holyland gifts and more

The state of Israel is often referred to as the “Holy Land” due to its historical past as the land where both Judaism and Christianity were born, and even Islam has strong roots in this land too.


In fact, travel agencies often separate between those tourists who are coming to the “Holy Land”, who are in many cases pilgrims and visitors who come to the land entirely for religious reasons, and those who are touring the modern state of Israel itself.

Holy Land tourists will usually focus on Jerusalem’s old city, which is surrounded by high walls that give it a unique feeling of holiness, and also the city of Bethlehem which is located in the Palestinian territories.

Gifts from the Holy Land
As tourists, you would often want to return with gifts that resemble your visit and that will transfer the feelings, emotions and views that are common in Old Jerusalem.

Holy Land Christian gifts can be found throughout the streets and alleys of the old city, and not only in the Christian quarter. In fact, the most suitable place to look for them is the old market (or bazar) in the Muslim quarter actually.

These gifts include various Crosses, photos and images from Jerusalem and also all kinds of toys and animal. You can also find eastern musical instruments that are used in the Middle East but less familiar in your Country.

Gifts that are mainly targeted for the Jewish tourists (but can be used for Christians as well) include Jewish artifacts, Rabbi Costumes and more.

In general, thanks to the many colors of the Holy Land, you will always be find holy land gifts and more ideas to bring back home after your enjoyable trip.