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About Holyland Guides

Shalom Advertising was established in 1994 by Mr. Shalom Kalderon, also known as “Shali” to friends, family and people in the Israeli tourist industry. Shali’s love for the land began after his army service when he became a tour guide. When he first opened his business, he produced pamphlets for tour agencies. Shali was looking for a more tangible way to show the country – this is when he began production of his famous Satellite Map of Israel. Shali flew to Moscow, purchased the rights to the Russian satellite photo of Israel, and created the colorful, laminated poster that is a best seller until today.

Driven by the love for his land, his frequent tours throughout the country and his passion for Jerusalem, Shali began making maps, pamphlets, placemats – anything that would help him share its beauty, history, diversity and unique character. Shali hired a professional Israeli artist who continues to create unique, colorful, attractive drawings especially for him – detailed pieces of art that are exclusive only to Shalom Advertising. These works of art are based on complete historical studies and are represented in rich colorful detail.

Our products are available to both individuals and large groups of tourists. Clients include large travel companies worldwide who provide their clients with useful travel aids, gift shops selling souvenirs throughout the country, and individuals all over the world who just want to capture the feeling of this special place.

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