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HolyLand Guides
HolyLand Guides
Welcome to Holyland Guides

Holyland Guides brings you a wealth of exclusive products, all created with either original hand-painted drawings or original photos, to bring the land, both past and present, to life.

Use these items to plan your trip or use while travelling throughout the country.

Find the perfect meaningful gift for those who may not have the opportunity to visit the Holyland and experience its beauty and history.

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Original maps, placemats, posters and gifts created in colorful detail.

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An array of colorful maps, placemats, posters and gifts detailing the beauty and history of Israel.

צליינים ישו על חמור אנגלית2

Using unique photos and drawings our products illustrate the Holyland from ancient times until today.

Jerusalem panoramic cover

Jerusalem – one of the holiest places in the world. Our products bring this city to life!